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Good Morning,

Today, my topic of concern is “Landfill”.

In our country, there are 3 major landfill sites namely

Okhla landfill site

Area-40acres, Height-55m

Ghazipur landfill site

Area-29acres, Height-50m

Bhalswa landfill site

Area-21acres, Height-41m

All these have their own story of contaminating our beautiful environment be it related to air pollution, land pollution, contamination of ground water and many more.

Basically, these landfills came into existence because there was no place to treat the growing waste but were under prescribed limit.

But now due to increase in the waste at an alarming rate, these landfill sites are oversized and are on the edge of falling down.

Now, these sites are under the control of government for various scientific purpose to make the best use of it.

But my question here is “How as a citizen, we can help the government in managing those landfill sites by contributing a significant proportion of our time and energy?

To answer this question, I would like to take you guys to Mt Trashmore, Virginia, USA which address a similar situation.

This once devastating brownfield landfill has become one of the most popular landfill site in the world.

The only reason behind it is the collaboration of people with the government.

Here the most popular contribution made by people includes various artistic designs, layering of clean soil on the foul trash/waste giving rise to green floor, development of side paths by the government for morning or evening walk, swings for children etc.

All these contributions soon would help these landfills become one of the most popular and lively sites for the citizens.


Author: Saharshsrivastava

Eco-centric concerned about environment

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