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First of all hats off to all the intelligent people who have tried to change the history of managing the waste.
Same is the case of an Indonesian doctor “Gamal Albinsaid” whose initiative can help in advancing the health facilities and waste management.
This post can can help you understand his extraordinary work.
And one request please don.t forget to watch the video.


Yeah, you got me right!!!!!
Good Morning guys,
Today I first of all want to bow in front of all those intelligent mind people as well as government put to make public do something even if they don’t want to do it.
Our country “India is home to approximately 1.35B people of which
around 70-80% engage in hard labor activities. My point here is
despite huge advancement in our healthcare status, some people
find it difficult to afford healthcare due to various reasons.
So, what if they are provided something that can help them easy
access to it.
Since the main topic of concern for me is “Waste”, I ask myself can
healthcare be merged with waste?
And once again I would like to tell you people that yes, it is possible
and is currently been into use in Indonesia.
There is a doctor in Indonesia “Gamal Albinsaid” has a quite
depressing story to tell which make him come up with this
intelligent idea that can change the whole game.

Here, I have shown a video that can make you understand better and
it is a much watch video for public,

This initiative is the best initiative that I have come across and it
impresses me a lot.

But I am no doctor otherwise would start it immediately, So, my
simple request to any doctor reading this blog to please adopt this
initiative mainly for poor who are in financial crises.
This step can surely help in eliminating waste and can help people
maintain their health.
And in the end, I conclude with-
“Kudos to Dr Gamal Albinsaid”

Food Waste

Good Morning,

Today my topic of concern is quite small but such a problem can be devastating if not treated properly.

First of all, let’s start with food. I know that you all know what is food, its importance for human survival, a cure to healthy life and all and all……

I know you all must be thinking what exactly is he talking about, why is the food a topic of concern.

But don’t worry, I hope you will relate to it in following lines,

I know everyone loves food and why shouldn’t they, but people don’t love leftover food why?

Here in our country up to 40% of the food produced is wasted. About 21 million tonnes of wheat are wasted in India and 50% of all food across the world meets the same fate and never reaches the needy.

(Source-United Nations Development Programme)

Not only this, all these unconsumed or leftover food items if being thrown, they would end up being in landfill and waiting for its time to get decomposed.

But here a company is born, Power Knot an American based company which has provided some really awesome machines that can eat all your food waste,

Here, we have shown short video from company’s website,

This technology can easily be adopted at any guesthouse, restaurants, hotels to eliminate all kind of waste food so that they don’t end up in landfill.

For more information visit their website “

This initiative can surely end the biodegradable waste revolution in our society.


A very hearty good morning to all, here I come with another major topic of concern that is “ocean pollution”.

Our country India has a coastline of about 7500km with about 25% of population living in coastal areas. Some of the major cities located along the coast are Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata.

In our country, there are 11 major, 16 intermediate and 78 minor ports and for the water bodies there are 14 major, 44 minor and 162 small rivers with the annual runoff of 1645 3^km.

Around 500M tonnes of sediments are discharged into the sea in India each year.

Now the problem of concern is ‘our Indian ocean is the second polluted ocean in the world after north pacific with approximately 1Trillion pieces of plastic’.

Around 365M tonnes of sewage effluents are being released into ocean from Mumbai and 396M tonnes from Kolkata.

These problems are some of the major threat to marine ecosystem.

Here I come on the good part, with advancing technology, significant attention have been paid to ocean pollution, so here I introduce “Mr trash wheel” been brought to existence by “Waterfront partnership of Baltimore, US”.

Mr. Trash Wheel combines old and new technology to harness the power of water and sunlight to collect litter and debris flowing down the river.

The river’s current provides power to turn the water wheel, which lifts trash and debris from the water and deposits it into a dumpster barge. When there isn’t enough water current, a solar panel array provides additional power to keep the machine running. When the dumpster is full, it’s towed away by boat, and a new dumpster is put in place.

Here is a short video which provides you the functioning of this machine-

The introduction of this concept can help in collecting our debris from water bodies and can make our water bodies safe and clean.

Kudos to the technology!!!!


Good Morning,

First of all, let me tell you a little about our today’s title.

         So basically, this title explains the mind blowing, marvellous, fantastic and all the best words that you can think about the plastic bottles.

I know what you all must be thinking about, how can we say these plastic bottles marvellous, fantastic and all.

You all might have come across the plastic bottles that usually ends up in a landfill site or a gutter and all the dumping areas, but there lies alluring, pleasant beauty behind these plastic bottles that no one have witnessed so far.

So, let me bring you to the notice of one of the best companies “WN – Escritório de Arquitetura” located in Brazil that has changed the whole concept of the plastic bottles including its uses, nature etc.

Here are some of the products offered by this company,

The usage of plastic bottles in this way can be helpful in eliminating landing of bottles at landfill sites and also can help in beautifying our environment.

So, let’s use our creative mind in using our plastic bottles as a decorative material in our houses, offices, mall etc and not as another piece of garbage.


Good Morning,

In these following days, the government of India has been paying a lot of attention to the waste through the creation of various schemes for waste management, strict policies and fines for not obeying etc.

But the problem is, how do we people as a citizen can perform our duty?

Many of us find it difficult to segregate the waste at our home. We face difficulties in knowing which items are recyclable and which are not.

But don’t worry; here we have a small list that can help you-

Aluminum cans and foils, Steel and tin cans Broken glass including mixed colored glass, decorative glass
Cardboard, Cereal Boxes Dishware and ceramic bake-ware
Glass Bottles Glass contaminated with dirt, food and stones
Magazines Light-bulbs
Milk and juice cartons Mirrors
Newspaper, Paper, Containers
Plastic Bottles, jugs and jar Window glass

These are some of the most common items that are found in every household.

With this, the segregation problem can be minimized but still there is one more thing that I normally witness in every household is-

There is only one bin being into use due to which the segregation would not be possible. So, I request you all to purchase another bin to make the segregation easier.

These small steps can ease the work of the garbage collectors and makes our environment clean and healthy.


Simple steps to reduce waste-

Good Morning,

Today, my motive is not to tell the people about the recent technology being developed by a company to manage the waste or steps been taken by the government to manage the waste in the country.

There is one simple fact that the waste that we see in our surrounding does not have any place to go, the technologies are being developed to take care of these waste.

But my problem of concern is where does all this waste come from? Are we people not aware about the dirt these things create and destroy our beautiful surroundings?

Obviously not, I think that we people do not have time or energy to spend to manage it or I can simply say it’s all about mindset

Here is an example to it-

Suppose a group of people went to a popular entertainment area or any place to enjoy, if there is something in their hands which has been consumed or being used and now it is not useful to them, there comes one question in their mind where do I throw this waste or do I have to travel so much to reach the bin to throw the waste. In this situation they motivate themselves that they have to utilize their time and energy due to which they throw these waste in the nearby surroundings without thinking a bit about the damage the waste causes.

Here I think that there are few places where bins have bin set up in a far distance and obviously we cannot tell the government to place the bin after every 1meter, so in these cases one can always carry a disposable bag in his bag just for the proper disposable of the waste or if one is being enjoying in a car or gone for a long drive with stuffs to eat, there also they can place a small box which remains in the car always to collect waste whenever it is collected and these boxes can be cleared at a dumping area.

All these small techniques can surely help in eliminating the waste and make our environment smile with freshness.

Image result for happy environment




Good Morning,

Today, my topic of concern is “Landfill”.

In our country, there are 3 major landfill sites namely

Okhla landfill site

Area-40acres, Height-55m

Ghazipur landfill site

Area-29acres, Height-50m

Bhalswa landfill site

Area-21acres, Height-41m

All these have their own story of contaminating our beautiful environment be it related to air pollution, land pollution, contamination of ground water and many more.

Basically, these landfills came into existence because there was no place to treat the growing waste but were under prescribed limit.

But now due to increase in the waste at an alarming rate, these landfill sites are oversized and are on the edge of falling down.

Now, these sites are under the control of government for various scientific purpose to make the best use of it.

But my question here is “How as a citizen, we can help the government in managing those landfill sites by contributing a significant proportion of our time and energy?

To answer this question, I would like to take you guys to Mt Trashmore, Virginia, USA which address a similar situation.

This once devastating brownfield landfill has become one of the most popular landfill site in the world.

The only reason behind it is the collaboration of people with the government.

Here the most popular contribution made by people includes various artistic designs, layering of clean soil on the foul trash/waste giving rise to green floor, development of side paths by the government for morning or evening walk, swings for children etc.

All these contributions soon would help these landfills become one of the most popular and lively sites for the citizens.



Good Morning,

Today, I would like to express my views on the “Vending Machines”.

Around the globe we have come across various types of vending machines be it a food vending machine or vending machine for drinks. When we visit malls or other gathering places, the vending machine which consist of dolls excites most of us due to which we end forgetting about all the other arcade games in those gaming arenas.

My purpose of telling you all about it is, if there is an establishment of vending machine which end up giving us sweet rewards like coupons for discount in various restaurants or outlets, who would ignore it.

And In today’s world, waste is also increasing at an alarming rate.

What if we join the two things together?

This initiative would end up solving half the world’s problem.

Thanks to the Colombia’s waste management company “Sobre ECOBOT” which has made it possible by producing such vending machines.

Here is a small video which describe this type of vending machine-

This vending machine takes all the plastic bottles and reward the coupons to the people in return.

Such initiative can ensure that there is a reward for every items even the waste.


Good Morning,
Today, I would like to express my views on the recycling waste.
India which is home to around 377M people is also burdened with
generation of 62M waste being generated each year.
The problem here is out of this waste, 70% of them is being collected
and 20% is being treated.
Not only this, around 50%of this waste is being dumped at landfill
Here, we have 4 major landfill sites namely okhla, Ghazipur, Narela
Bawana and Bhalswa. All these landfills have been used up to their
maximum capacity.
If the waste in our country is not managed properly, soon it would
create havoc.
But here are some simple methods that we can use in order to
manage our waste.
These waste management techniques are currently been into use in
Here is a short video explaining how to manage waste as being done
in japan-
By adopting these simple techniques, one can contribute minimize
our waste and such work would also minimize the cost and burden
on government to treat the waste.