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The vision of waste express is to create a responsibility and a vision to heal the environment.
This post shows some simple hacks to manage the waste which people create commonly.

This post is entirely as per my believing, so, it would be an honor if you would look through it.

Here I come “Good Morning” once again. Hope you are doing well.

Today, I would like to represent you some simple techniques that can be used at our homes, vehicles in managing our day to day waste.

  • First of all, I would like to tell you about the availability of recycled bins in markets which our quite cheaper than the original once and I did not find any difference between the original and the recycled one in terms of style, color etc.

I know that some of you know about it, so why not purchased till now?

But let me come to my main point,

Since there has been a lot going about segregating and all so why not we do it at our homes and makes the work of municipality even easier. So, in relation to the first point, since these bins are cheaper in cost, and some recycled bins can be purchased at a cost of an original bin so why not purchase two instead of one.

And after that I know what you all have to do!!!!!!!

  • In our locality or society, we all have some people community to handle all the activities in our surroundings.

And there is no denying the fact that we all have gardens or grounds in our locality or society.

So, why not discuss about self-composting or if we don’t have time then why not hiring a gardener to look after it to maintain a pit in some isolated area in the park to decompose all our biodegradable waste.

  • Third and the last point which I wanted to mention are about the waste management in our vehicles.

I know it sounds odd but what I mean to say is why we can’t install a bag in our vehicles to collect the waste and throw them later at some dumping site rather than adopting the policy of eating and throwing at the same time in our vehicles.

I know that with each initiatives there comes disadvantages like money, time etc etc….

But at some point in time we have to do it, so why not adopt it now?

                “So let’s we become the manager of waste”