Simple steps to reduce waste-

Good Morning,

Today, my motive is not to tell the people about the recent technology being developed by a company to manage the waste or steps been taken by the government to manage the waste in the country.

There is one simple fact that the waste that we see in our surrounding does not have any place to go, the technologies are being developed to take care of these waste.

But my problem of concern is where does all this waste come from? Are we people not aware about the dirt these things create and destroy our beautiful surroundings?

Obviously not, I think that we people do not have time or energy to spend to manage it or I can simply say it’s all about mindset

Here is an example to it-

Suppose a group of people went to a popular entertainment area or any place to enjoy, if there is something in their hands which has been consumed or being used and now it is not useful to them, there comes one question in their mind where do I throw this waste or do I have to travel so much to reach the bin to throw the waste. In this situation they motivate themselves that they have to utilize their time and energy due to which they throw these waste in the nearby surroundings without thinking a bit about the damage the waste causes.

Here I think that there are few places where bins have bin set up in a far distance and obviously we cannot tell the government to place the bin after every 1meter, so in these cases one can always carry a disposable bag in his bag just for the proper disposable of the waste or if one is being enjoying in a car or gone for a long drive with stuffs to eat, there also they can place a small box which remains in the car always to collect waste whenever it is collected and these boxes can be cleared at a dumping area.

All these small techniques can surely help in eliminating the waste and make our environment smile with freshness.

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