Good Morning,

In these following days, the government of India has been paying a lot of attention to the waste through the creation of various schemes for waste management, strict policies and fines for not obeying etc.

But the problem is, how do we people as a citizen can perform our duty?

Many of us find it difficult to segregate the waste at our home. We face difficulties in knowing which items are recyclable and which are not.

But don’t worry; here we have a small list that can help you-

Aluminum cans and foils, Steel and tin cans Broken glass including mixed colored glass, decorative glass
Cardboard, Cereal Boxes Dishware and ceramic bake-ware
Glass Bottles Glass contaminated with dirt, food and stones
Magazines Light-bulbs
Milk and juice cartons Mirrors
Newspaper, Paper, Containers
Plastic Bottles, jugs and jar Window glass

These are some of the most common items that are found in every household.

With this, the segregation problem can be minimized but still there is one more thing that I normally witness in every household is-

There is only one bin being into use due to which the segregation would not be possible. So, I request you all to purchase another bin to make the segregation easier.

These small steps can ease the work of the garbage collectors and makes our environment clean and healthy.