“We worship our gods in temple but in the end, we need to worship our nature or environment also which provides us the way to live, breathe or eat. So, let’s save it”.

A very hearty good morning to all,

On this very day, I want to convey my thoughts on something related to waste which is not common to be noticed by us.

 These types of waste are revealed later but first of all let me apprise the people all over the world about our religious country.

Here we have more than 2 million Hindu temples recorded during the 2001 census, whose number has substantially increased by now. Kerala—28,000 Bagvathy temples (Travancore and Cochin Devaswam Board –TCDB-alone has 1800 temple) (Four South Indian States alone total over 108,000 temples) and many more temples if mentioned in this blog would take the entire day.

So, whenever people from abroad, you come to India you can find temples at almost every corner.

But here one problem arises which is often outlooked and not much has been done about it, the thing I am talking about is flowers or other items which are being thrown into nearby river or dumping ground which often creates a mess.

Around 15tons of flower waste are regularly been generated at temples in a specific state.

This problem is huge and a threat to the river so something is needed to be done about it.

So, since you all know every problem has its solution, here in our country there are some guys but incredible guys who have thought about it and had find a mind-blowing solution.

Let me introduce you to these guys and their initiative “Help Us Green”.

Here I have shown a video which can bring you to the exact problem and the initiative these people have taken to cure it.

They have also met the employment problem of women who helps them and the society in collecting the temple waste and reintroducing products made from it into the society.

These products come in wide variety and if you want to look at it here, I have given a link to website-


So, I conclude with the importance of this initiative which is required in almost every part India as well as around the world to solve this unnoticeable problem and these people have found the solution to it so let’s make them more popular.

 With this, our today’s underlying statement stands-

“We worship our gods in temple but in the end, we need to worship our nature or environment also which provides us the way to live, breathe or eat. So, let’s save it”.


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Good Morning,
Today, I would like to express my views on the recycling waste.
India which is home to around 377M people is also burdened with
generation of 62M waste being generated each year.
The problem here is out of this waste, 70% of them is being collected
and 20% is being treated.
Not only this, around 50%of this waste is being dumped at landfill
Here, we have 4 major landfill sites namely okhla, Ghazipur, Narela
Bawana and Bhalswa. All these landfills have been used up to their
maximum capacity.
If the waste in our country is not managed properly, soon it would
create havoc.
But here are some simple methods that we can use in order to
manage our waste.
These waste management techniques are currently been into use in
Here is a short video explaining how to manage waste as being done
in japan-
By adopting these simple techniques, one can contribute minimize
our waste and such work would also minimize the cost and burden
on government to treat the waste.