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Good Morning

Today’s topic would majorly be on plastic

What is plastic?

Anything that made it possible to balance today’s needs.

In these years the total plastic production globally is 400million tonnes which keep on increasing.

Out of these, one million bottles are being bought every minute and that number will top half a trillion by 2021.

The problem in this is “less than half of those bottles end up getting recycled not only this 8 million metric tons of plastic winds up in our ocean each years”. Such dumping may prove to be harmful in many ways-

 Environmental Damage-

Plastic bags have been known to cause a lot of environmental damage. A single plastic bag can take up to 1000years to decay which is a problem of concern.

Threat to animal life-

As per Marrickville Council of Australia, as many as 100,000 whales, turtles and birds die have been reported to die every year, mainly because of plastic in their environment.


Plastic bags are extremely durable. In case you are thinking of this as an advantage, just bring to mind an image of the huge landfill that you visited on the city outskirts, the other day. In most probability, majority of the rubbish present there will comprise of plastic bags only. In other words, plastic bags have led to a great increase in the pollution levels.


Not only animals, infants and young children have also been reported to have lost their life, on account of plastic bags. Since plastic bags are thin and airtight as well, children often end up blocking their mouths and nostrils with them.

There are number of disadvantages of plastic, but we know that since it has become an important part in carrying out our day to day belongings, there has been a recent development in the field of plastic which not only help us but our environment also.

So stay tuned for our next news.



What is Waste?

Any useless, damaged, rotten, obsolete object that cannot be used by any creature is known as waste.

From where does this waste comes from and why is created?

According to me the two most important things that contribute majorly to this are urbanization and industrialization which involves growing needs and standard of living of the people which requires setting up of industries to meet the needs of the people accordingly.

In this modern world these two things are quite common but the problem here is how waste is

Directly proportional to these and does it means that people don’t care about this environment and are ready to face future consequences by generating it.

Why is it that the richer people are major contributor to waste rather than poor even if they are said to be more intelligent than them?

Not only these questions but there are millions of questions that occur by the socially motivated people but their hands are tied and they don’t do anything about it just like us

In the rest of the world there has been development of various technologies to handle the waste and the people who have resources generally engage in these business but they doesn’t know that setting up of industries is also causing the same problem.

We don’t complain about it and we really appreciates them that they do something about these waste and protect the environment but the mindset being developed is that people think that the companies created could handle their waste which make them less concerned towards the environment.

Our question here is why all these things if one can use the most powerful weapon that is educating the people about it.

In this world there are various types of news that one can hear and can be timely updated but there is no news on waste and its management been posted or shared regularly which is also one of the major topic of issues contributing towards the society.

There are some people who used to write blogs and create awareness among the people but these things don’t last long if not being regular. There are lot of information being available online no one has enough time to read it.

Not only this, in this world people regularly meet their needs which means regularly welcoming waste but if they are regularly posted about the waste at least not in a while but they do consider that there is a need that something should be done about it otherwise they would end up in landfill as well.

Therefore we would like to start a new project of daily news in the form of waste express to keep people timely updated on what is being going around the world regarding waste management, what are the techniques people in the rest of the world adopt in order to keep environment clean and live a happy and safe life.

According to us, this initiative can create a positive impact on people and educate them if there has been a generation of waste what should be done about it and how to handle it accordingly.