First of all hats off to all the intelligent people who have tried to change the history of managing the waste.
Same is the case of an Indonesian doctor “Gamal Albinsaid” whose initiative can help in advancing the health facilities and waste management.
This post can can help you understand his extraordinary work.
And one request please don.t forget to watch the video.

Yeah, you got me right!!!!!
Good Morning guys,
Today I first of all want to bow in front of all those intelligent mind people as well as government put to make public do something even if they don’t want to do it.
Our country “India is home to approximately 1.35B people of which
around 70-80% engage in hard labor activities. My point here is
despite huge advancement in our healthcare status, some people
find it difficult to afford healthcare due to various reasons.
So, what if they are provided something that can help them easy
access to it.
Since the main topic of concern for me is “Waste”, I ask myself can
healthcare be merged with waste?
And once again I would like to tell you people that yes, it is possible
and is currently been into use in Indonesia.
There is a doctor in Indonesia “Gamal Albinsaid” has a quite
depressing story to tell which make him come up with this
intelligent idea that can change the whole game.

Here, I have shown a video that can make you understand better and
it is a much watch video for public,

This initiative is the best initiative that I have come across and it
impresses me a lot.

But I am no doctor otherwise would start it immediately, So, my
simple request to any doctor reading this blog to please adopt this
initiative mainly for poor who are in financial crises.
This step can surely help in eliminating waste and can help people
maintain their health.
And in the end, I conclude with-
“Kudos to Dr Gamal Albinsaid”