Good Morning,

Today, I would like to express my views on the “Vending Machines”.

Around the globe we have come across various types of vending machines be it a food vending machine or vending machine for drinks. When we visit malls or other gathering places, the vending machine which consist of dolls excites most of us due to which we end forgetting about all the other arcade games in those gaming arenas.

My purpose of telling you all about it is, if there is an establishment of vending machine which end up giving us sweet rewards like coupons for discount in various restaurants or outlets, who would ignore it.

And In today’s world, waste is also increasing at an alarming rate.

What if we join the two things together?

This initiative would end up solving half the world’s problem.

Thanks to the Colombia’s waste management company “Sobre ECOBOT” which has made it possible by producing such vending machines.

Here is a small video which describe this type of vending machine-

This vending machine takes all the plastic bottles and reward the coupons to the people in return.

Such initiative can ensure that there is a reward for every items even the waste.

Author: Saharshsrivastava

Eco-centric concerned about environment

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